Griffith Farm NSW

Griffith Farm is a verdant paradise. Located just a short distance from the charming town of Griffith, our farm is situated on Bob Irvin Road, adjacent to the scenic Irrigation Way. Here, we cultivate a bounty of succulent tomatoes grown with care and nurtured by the warm Australian sun.

Griffith Farm is a four-hectare glasshouse located in Griffith, New South Wales. The farm spans 40,107 square meters under glass. It includes numerous improvements, such as a

  • packing shed,
  • nursery shed,
  • water treatment shed,
  • irrigation shed,
  • chemical store,
  • boiler shed,
  • workshop,
  • office,
  • storage sheds, and a
  • modern manager's residence.

Griffith has a semi-arid climate with hot summers and cool winters, and consistent rainfall throughout the year. This climate is ideal for growing tomatoes.

The business has a total of 40,107 square meters of glasshouses, which have been divided into five production glasshouses. The packing operations and other supporting infrastructure are located in additional buildings on the farm.